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8-hr Lamb Shoulder
Food display

A true taste of Lebanon

ilili BOX offers grab and go versions of Chef Philippe Massoud’s signature Lebanese dishes. Brussels Sprouts, Manoushe, Duck & Lamb Shawarmas, Falafel sandwiches, and Phoenician Fries are all available to order and enjoy.

Fresh, local ingredients
Lebanese authentic flavors

At ilili BOX, we pride ourselves in the quality of our ingredients and rich & authentic flavors of the Lebanese cuisine. We’re on a mission to introduce the world to the real taste of Lebanese street food and the menu draws from the variety of ancient food fares like falafel and shawarmas, staples to the Middle Eastern food culture. We use cooking techniques to replicate the same flavors without compromising on quality.

ilili BOX Flatiron
Man holding a wrap and green lemonade
Wrap display

“Delicious, authentic Lebanese flavors :) a taste of home in the heart of NYC.” - Lara from NYC

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